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Buying and selling a home or commercial real estate, landlord/tenant issues, property line and right of way disputes; we handle all things real estate.
Yes. Real estate in Maine is customarily sold in “AS IS” condition, without any warranties or representations.
In Maine, the Offer to Purchase is normally this first document a Buyer and Seller sign for the sale of real estate. Although this document is customarily called an “Offer,” parties must be careful since in many instances, this documents is a legally binding agreement.
A Purchase and Sale Agreement is a detailed agreement for the sale of real estate that is customarily signed after the Offer to Purchase.
Most real estate forms must be notarized, including deeds and mortgages, which are recorded at the local Registry of Deeds at or immediately after closing. Real estate forms that will not be recorded, such as a lease form, generally do not have to be notarized.

The closing is a meeting where all of the documents are signed and money changes hands. Our firm conducts closings at our office. Upon request, we will also travel to the Registries of Deeds, Realtors’ Offices and Borrowers’ homes.